Reports regarding mob situation in Thailand

  • An overview of public assemblies and harassment following the gatherings January 2022

    At least 99 public assemblies and expressions have been staged throughout the countries to echo the economic woes and the impacts on the workers amidst the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and problems from the performance of duties of the government as well as the demand of the right to bail.
  • An overview of public assemblies October 2021

    Throughout October 2021, there have been at least 110 public assemblies countrywide. Their main demand is the removal of General Prayut Chan-ocha as Prime Minister and the restoration of the right to bail for people imprisoned for political reasons. The Resistant Citizen resumed its Stand Stop Imprisonment since 16 August 2021 for 76 days running (as of 31 October) and they continued to stand there at Arkong Lawn in front of the Supreme Court.The other demands including constitutional amendment and the repeal of the Penal Code’s Section 112 continue to appear in all campaigns. The independent groups have also been converged at Din Daeng Intersection including the Thalugaz from 1-6 October 2021. The authorities have adapted the tactic to occupy the area at the Din Daeng Intersection. They were all clad in kai color uniforms signifying that they belonged to the Metropolitan Police Bureau and were equipped with live bullets.
  • An overview of public assemblies September 2021

    Throughout September 2021, at least 141 public assemblies took place countrywide. The leading protest groups included those led by Nattawut Saikua, student groups including the Ramkhahaeng University Network, the United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration, the Democracy Restoration Group (DRG), the Technical College for the People and Democracy, the Resistant Citizen, the We, The People, the Wilar Party, and other alliances such as the Labor Network for People’s Rights and independent groups such as the Thalugaz which has been staging the protest 41 days in a row since 7 August. Their main demand is the removal of General Prayut Chan-ocha as Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the “Stand Stop the Tyranny” by We, The people in Chiang Mai and the Stand Stop Imprisonment by Resistant Citizen at the Supreme Court in Bangkok continued for the 46th and 42nd, respectively to demand the right to bail of political prisoners.
  • An overview of public assemblies 7-15 August 2021

    From 7-15 August 2021, various groups have organized protests to demand the removal of General Prayut Chan-ocha as Prime Minister including the Free Youth, Thalu Fah, and Car Mob groups, altogether 35 times at the Democracy Monument, the Ratchaprasong Intersection, the Victory Monument and Din Daeng Intersection. The Car Mobs alone have been organized at least 35 times in 28 provinces. Nevertheless, the organizers in Phatthalung and Suratthani had to call off the activities before time due to their concern about safety of the organizers and participants.
  • An overview of public assemblies in June 2021

    Thailand is currently contending with the continuous 3rd wave outbreak from April 2021 and is likely to enter the 4th wave due to the widespread virus Delta variant. The high rise in COVID-19 infections in Thailand has reflected the Thai government's inability to manage the spread of the virus and vaccine importation. This has allowed the rise of public demonstrations of people and civil society who are affected by governmental pandemic policies demanding governmental assistance and relief.
  • An overview of public assemblies in May 2021

    gh which corresponds to the rising number of detained political defendants. In midst of the pandemic, the rising COVID-19 cases in prison as a result of increased incarceration, overcrowding of prisons, and ineffective prison healthcare system.